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Our consulting partners support clients in deploying IOTA technologies by delivering project and technical services. These partners, typically system integrators, technology consultancies, or professional services firms, create bespoke solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of each customer.


BKO AI is a company specializing in the design and implementation of custom artificial intelligence solutions primarily for the oil, gas, and energy industries. They offer services including time series data contextualization, system integration, monitoring and analysis, and certified instruction.


InCentrik is a company that specializes in industrial automation and data services, providing solutions to help businesses implement Industry 4.0 technologies. They offer a range of services designed to enhance operational efficiency, including business intelligence, data management, and end-to-end automation.

Industrial Insight

Industrial Insight specializes in guiding companies through Digital Transformation, IIoT, and Industry 4.0, helping them leverage and collect high-quality data to uncover hidden insights.


IBM Watson is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that enables businesses to integrate AI into their operations, offering solutions for data analysis, machine learning, and automated decision-making.


IPCOS is a Digital Solutions and Services provider that enhances plant efficiency, business productivity, and environmental sustainability using Industry 4.0 technologies, serving international process industries like chemicals, fertilizers, gas processing, oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, power, waste, and utilities.


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EIS Enhanced

EIS provides consulting expertise for life sciences manufacturing focused on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Mobile apps, RFID, software programming, automation systems, system integration and software validation.


CSE ICON provides professional services focused on the design, development, and implementation of Operational Technology used in the processing and manufacturing industries. Our mission is to bring people and data together thereby helping our customers continuously improve and increase profitability.


Utilicast is the premier provider of consulting services to the energy and utilities industry. Utilicast sets the standard for expertise and experience in the areas of regional electricity market solutions, power systems operations, project implementation, analytics, energy services, customer care and related IT infrastructure.


ECGiT is an engineering consultancy, system integration and software development company focused on real time monitoring, analytics and diagnostics using advance pattern recognition for predictive as well as prescriptive analytics for its esteemed clients.

Process Innovations

Process Innovations is a leading provider of consulting services and software for advanced data analytics, visualization, and integration for the Aveva (OSIsoft) PI System. They assist their clients in enhancing operational efficiency, reducing risk, and making informed decisions by providing valuable insights to optimize their processes.


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DLL Solutions

DLL Solutions specializes in industry-specific AVEVA PI integration for power generation, renewables, transmission and distribution, facilities, pulp and paper, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, water management, utilities, and the oil & gas industries.


eMatica offers innovative real-time data management solutions across industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil & gas, food, energy, and utilities, utilizing leading technologies to effectively meet customer needs.

Realta Technologies

Realta specializes in supporting automation and digital solutions that manage, control, and optimize manufacturing plants, enhancing operational effectiveness while ensuring compliance.

IT Vizion

IT Vizion is a multinational OT-IT Solutions, Products, and Managed Services provider, with a deep domain expertise in oil & gas, chemicals and manufacturing industries.

Artificial Intelligence Global Company

Artificial Intelligence Global Company (AIGC) is a leader in the Middle East's engineering, technology, and consulting space. With comprehensive industry experience, we work with organizations to help them realize their business potentials and deliver on their customers' promises.