Aveva Pi Vision

On-Premise Driver

The IOTA to PI Vision (PV) Driver facilitates communication between the IOTA VUE back-end and AVEVA PI Vision, PI System, and PI Data Archive. The primary purpose of the PV Driver is to provide live rendering for PI Vision displays in IOTA VUE. In addition to live rendering, the PV Driver offers full AF Driver support, including identical functions and search dialog support. This stateless driver does not maintain source connections or data caches.

Depending on the deployment build version, the PV Driver can support write-back to the source PI System and PI Data Archive. A single PV Driver service can support multiple connections to different PI Vision web servers, PI Systems, and PI Data Archives. The PV Driver supports the following object types:

IOTA Type Supported? Source Type
View 🟢 PI Vision Display
Tag 🟢 PI Point
Asset 🟢 AF Element with AF Attributes
Timeframe 🟢 AF EventFrame with AF Attributes
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