AVEVA CONNECT Data Services (formerly AVEVA Data Hub)

Cloud + On-Premise Driver

Integrate seamlessly with AVEVA CONNECT Data Services, utilizing IOTA's advanced capabilities to navigate, manipulate, and write back data. This integration enables a cloud-native approach to handling streams and assets efficiently.

The ADH-Driver facilitates communication between IOTA VUE, the Cluster (back-end), and the AVEVA Data Hub (ADH) (source). The AVEVA Data Hub (CONNECT data services) provides a scalable, secure industrial data management service that makes it easy to aggregate, contextualize, and securely share real-time data within or outside the company's network. The ADH-Driver supports the following object types:

IOTA Type Supported? Source Type
Tag 🟢 Stream
Asset 🟢 Asset with Metadata and Stream References
Timeframe 🟢 Event with Metadata and Stream References
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